Yamazakura Whiskey Glass

Do you want to increase your drinking experience in one fell swoop? Serve your favorite drink on these rocks and enjoy the amazing look and taste out of this luxury Yamazakura Whiskey Glass. It is charming, modern, and sophisticated, ideal to add to your drinkware collection and to pair with your favorite whiskey decanter for an amazing set.

Even those who prefer traditional old-fashioned glasses will love this one because it isn’t your typical premium whiskey glass, this one features a unique mountain range design along its base that aerates your whiskey whilst mixing against the mountains when you drink from it. Indeed, the tumbler shape of this glass will increase the aromas and smell during your tasting.

Unlike glasses that can contain up to 20% lead, ours is made from high-quality ultra clear lead-free glass. Hold it up to the light, you can see how the clarity is stunning.

  • Material: Crystal, Glass
  • Capacity: 200 ml | 6,76 oz
  • Dimension: 7 x 7,3 cm | 2,76 x 2,87 in
  • Style: Japanese Style

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