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MesmerizeD is an online shop whose goal is to bring unconventional design closer to people. It was founded 3 years ago and it has been growing since.

Becoming our business partners will increase your business volume and will bring your products where your customers are, making them available for design aficionados, designers and interior designers all over the world. All through our powerful online network (social channels, newsletter and website - check them out!).

Our team will take care of all the processes, from product placement and sales to customer care. Together we’ll establish which products to add to the MesmerizeD network and which areas to ship them to. You will only need to ship your product once the sale is closed.

How does it work?

Together we will establish which product to add to the MesmerizeD network as well as which areas worldwide are the best for you to deliver to according to your business needs
We will help your business make it online. Adding your products into our powerful online network, and taking care of all communication with customers and potential customers
Once the product has been sold, you will only need to take care of packaging it and shipping it. It’s as easy as that!

The benefits we offer

We have a multilingual customer care service that takes care of all the communication with customers and potential customers, providing support tailored to their specific needs
Once we receive an order we buy the product and we ship it directly to the client. This process also allow small businesses to enjoy more time flexibility during production
We will showcase and promote your products on all our channels so as to reach millions of design aficionados and potential clients. Our channels are: our online shop, social channels, newsletter, push notifications, SEM and Ads.

Why work with us?

A strong online presence is a must-have for businesses nowadays and MesmerizeD is here to help you reach the right people for your products among an audience made up of millions of design aficionados and design professionals worldwide. Our team will take care of everything from marketing your product to promoting it and selling it to talking to customers and you will only need to ship it - all at no cost! We will only retain a previously agreed upon share on the sale. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs!

Also, you won’t have to necessarily produce your product or ship it before receiving your share on the sale. The only risk for you? Lose your chance on increasing your sales and generating online awareness on your products.

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