Mason Editions

Twill Mirror

A clear reference to the weaving motif: the rectangular Twill mirror is a tribute to the exclusive world of men’s tailoring. The design of the glass reinterprets the iconic diagonal weave, created by weaving the threads to form a 45° oriented structure, originally used to give unprecedented shine to plain-colored fabrics.

Full length mirror that can be hung on or leant against a wall. These iconic interlocking sections of glass are available in three subtle coloured variations: fumé, sage green and pink.
A truly luxurious statement piece for any modern space.

Design: Martina Bartoli

Made in Italy

  • Weight: 20 kg | 44 lb

    Dimensions: 45 × 3 × 171 cm | 17.7 x 1.18 x 67.3 in

    Materials: glass and iron

    Finishings: Pink, sage gree or fumé

    Gross weight: 35 kg | 77.2 lb 

    Box dimensions: 58 x 14 x 183 cm | 22.8 x 5.5 x 72 in

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