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Touché d Tray

A light metal rod that rests on the surface and then lifts up, almost touching the surface with a quick tap, a movement that defines the handles of Touché trays.

The organic shape of the oval base communicates with the thin tubular, giving the impression of a perpetual undulatory motion, which seems to vanish when the trays are looked at from above.

This oval tray with a round handle won’t go unnoticed in the eyes of your party and dinner guests.
The round MDF base is available in several colours, with a slim brass handle in galvanized 24k gold. A sleek design that adds a touch of luxury to your dining experience.

Design: Martina Bartoli

  • Weight: 2.2 kg | 4.9 lb

    Dimensions: 36×48×6.4 cm | 14.17×18.89×2.51 in

    Materials: 24k gold, mdf and iron

    Finishings: Taupe, cotto, burgundy, sage green and petrol green

    Gross weight: 3.0 kg | 6.0 lb

     Box dimensions: 55x55x12cm | 21.7x21.7x4.8 in

    Design: Martina Bartoli

    Made in Italy

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