Sik-Sak Shelf

The shelf SIK-SAK will not break under a heavy load. It can also be used as a dividing wall. Your books and elephant figurines from your Asian travels need space.

Made of birch plywood or oak veneered plywood, oil-waxed. Legs are connected with bolts. So it is a very strong shelf.

The delivery time is 2-4 weeksWe’ll notify You by email when we have shipped your ordered furniture from the factory. The shipping company also calls You before to agree on the delivery time.

Shelf SIK-SAK was nominated for the Estonian design award Bruno 2014. Handmade from natural materials.

Download the assembly instructions

  • Material: Birch plywood, Oak veneered plywood, Oil waxed
  • Dimension: 148 x 38 x 136 cm | 58,3 x 15 x 53,5 in
  • Designer: Raul Abner

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