Platypus Tea Infuser

This cute and fun platypus-shaped silicone tea infuser. Fill our platypus-shaped Tea Infuser's belly with a loose tea of your choice and put it in a cup of hot water. The tea diffuses through the platypus' body. Whether it's a mug or a tumbler, hangs conveniently inside your cup by its bill. Cute and fun, catch your platypus peeking curiously from your cup!

This steeper is a great conversation piece and makes a cute gift for any tea drinker. 

These BPA free, food grade silicone Infusers are a great way to enjoy whole leaf tea without using a bulky metal strainer.

The material adds no taste, no colour, and no smell to your cup of tea.

The great design is perfect for any kitchen and its durable material makes it a perfect travel companion.

No more burnt fingers, the advanced food grade material won't transfer heat! Now you can squeeze the tea without burning your hand.
  • Material: Silicone

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