Photocatalytic Light Mosquito Killer Lamp

Are you still troubled by these problems?

  • Mosquito biting, itchy and uncomfortable 
  • The mosquito repellent device is noisy and disturbs your sleep
  • Mosquito-repellent incense has a smell and is bad for your health

Finally, we have the solution for you to these problems and it is our Photocatalytic Light Mosquito Killer Lamp. You no longer have to worry about you and your family getting bitten or disturbed during the night by mosquitoes.

And besides being protected it does not create any of the previous problems. The noise produced by the lamp is almost zero, unless you keep it attached to your ear you will not hear any noise. It does not use any repellent to kill mosquitoes so it has neither odours nor toxic emissions.

The lamp kills mosquitoes in 3 simple steps:

  1. It attracts mosquitoes with its light
  2. It sucks them in
  3. It traps them forever (until you clean it)

Main benefits:

  • It kills mosquitoes effectively
  • Light source to attract mosquitoes
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • No noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to clean

Advice for correct use:

Let it run for more than 48 hours without interruption the first time you use it.

We advise you to close the doors and windows during the day and pull down the curtains to make sure it is used in a dark environment.

Try to position it at about 1 meter from the ground.

Do not turn on the lights, do not open the doors and windows.

Turn off all other lights during the night so that the lamp is the only source of light in the room.

Power Cord Length: 108cm/42.52in
Is Dimmable:

Voltage: 220-240V
Material: ABS
Power: 5W
Power Source: AC
Certification: CCC
Applicable Area: 1-5

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