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Patio Chair

Patio chair has been created for your perfect outdoor leisure moments. The chair came to life out of necessity - breakfast in the countryside, with just you and the chair, no table needed.
The wide armrest provides space for a coffee mug and a smaller plate. The comfort is added by the slightly lower seating height, the stability of 3 legs, and the wide armrest.

The patio chair is ultimately manifested in its 3 legs, which make it stable on uneven grounds. The 3 axes system makes the compilation easy. The three-way dovetail joints are borrowed from the Comb shelves as they have proved waterproof.

The material is waterproof plywood suitable for outdoor use. The stool is deliverable as a flat-pack and can be assembled easily. The chair consists of 6 details, which makes it easy to compile by finishing it with just a few screws.

This chair can be shipped only to EU countries.
Send us an email at hello@mesmerized.it for other destinations.

  • Material: 21 mm waterproof birch plywood, black.
  • DIY: Consists of 6 details, instruction included. Flatpack.
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dimension:
    Seating H- 38 cm | 15 in
    Armrest H- 65 cm | 25,6 in
    Diam- 68 cm | 26,8 in

Please allow up to 14 days lead time for this product. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

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