Oceano Armchair

The Oceano armchair is an exploration of tubular design on a large and luxurious scale.

The velvet upholstery gives the user an elevated sitting experience, while the simplified lines of the chair bring sophistication to the design. Oceano brings energy and beauty to whatever space surrounds it.

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Fabric | Upholstered in white and custom printed velvet

Structure | Wall steel square tubing
                   Layered plywood on the seating  


Width   95 cm | 37.5 in
Depth   66 cm | 26    in
Height  72 cm | 28    in

Joe Fentress Studio 

Joe Fentress is a furniture and lighting designer from St. Louis, Missouri. He redefines furniture norms and gives users unique forms and functions to interact with.

Rob Pennino

Canada-based contemporary artist Rob Pennino makes abstract art pieces from acrylic to oil paintings. His art motto is to live in the moment.

The reflection of his positive outlook on life is perceived through his artwork.

He is inspired by everything nature and the world bring, the merge and the blend of colors come together to soothe your eyes.

Among many of Rob’s collectors, you can find Jen Selter and Amanda Cerny.

Sold with an art certificate of authenticity.

This is the limited Oceano armchair collection.

The Canada-based contemporary artist Rob Pennino and Joe Fentress Studio, create a limited edition of stylish and sophisticated armchairs.


The ocean is everything we want to be.
Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free. It makes us feel small, but not in a bad way.
Small because we realize we are part of something bigger.

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