Nami Teapot & Cups

This wonderful Nami Teapot & Cups should definitely take part in your kitchenware. Tea lovers know how relaxing it is to take a break and have some tea, imagine having this amazing Japanese-style teapot and cups at your disposition, can you think of any better moment than this one? We bet you can't. This teapot and cups are the best way to bring your home a peaceful atmosphere with the delicious tea aromas evaporating in the air from the Nami Teapot.

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Capacity:
    Cups A, B, C- 200 ml | 6,8 oz
    Cup D- 80 ml | 2,7 oz 
    Teapot- 800 ml | 27 oz
  • Dimension:
    Cup A- 8,2 x 6,6 cm | 3,2 x 2,6 in
    Cup B- 7,5 x 8 cm | 3 x 3,1 in
    Cup C- 7,7 x 7 cm | 3 x 2,8 in 
    Cup D- 7 x 5,2 cm | 2,8 x 2 in
    Teapot- 17,5 x 20 cm | 6,9 x 7,9 in

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