Money Cabinet

Money Cabinet boasts exceptional Paul Rousso’s sculptural money banknotes, which were meticulously placed into the doors of the cabinet, to enhance its curves and perfect proportions. Made of resin and hand sculpted acrylic, the delicate details are the result of exceptional craftsmanship.

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Structure    |  Resin and Mixed media on Hand Sculpted Acrylic
Finishes      |  Black smokey glass 


Width      86.0 cm  |   33.8  in
Depth      45.0 cm  |   17.7  in
Height     130.0 cm  |   51.1  in


Fabio Arcaini 

Born in Cagliari in 1990, Fabio Arcaini studied Interior Design at the IED, European Institute of Design, where he graduated in 2012.

From that moment on, he took his first steps, working for several architectural and design studios tracing his own way, developing furniture collections, interiors, and commercial or residential spaces. Inclined to elegance and continuous research, his works are contaminated with a contemporary taste, with a look to the future and to new challenges.


Paul Rousso

Paul Rousso is an American-born visual artist and innovator. Educated at the California College of the Arts, his work is shown at galleries and art fairs around the globe.

A prodigious perfectionist, his technique has leaped into the future, as his vision and imagination merge to embrace new conceptual and physical technology the moment they appear on the horizon. The artist lives his context and vehemently pursues his objective.

Rousso relentlessly excels at his efforts to evolve as an artist who will put forth an enduring impact on subsequent generations with his life’s work, “Flat Depth.” This concept, which he has been refining his entire professional career, is the logical progression of modern art - to render a flat object three-dimensional, or to collapse a three-dimensional object into two dimensions - and is a fusion of countless complex artistic methods, including painting, printing, sculpting, welding, chemistry, digital manipulation, and digital printing.

Sold with an Art certificate of authenticity.


Money cabinet pays homage to lovers of art on a quest for rare masterpieces. Paying tribute to the iconic Paul Rousso’s pop realism work, the Money cabinet is a contemporary dialogue between the Italian-based designer Fabio Arcaini and the American contemporary artist Paul Rousso.


Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.

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