Maze TV Stand

The MAZE TV stand is made of durable birch plywood. It has soft closure doors, so as not to disturb your quiet cozy evening at home. Interesting diagonal details give it enough character to stand out but the simple shape makes it suitable for many different interiors and styles.

It is easy to keep your snacks, books, remote controls, and other clutter away from sight to create a tidy overall impression. Comes in oak veneer or white shade.

The 4-doors cabinet inner height is 33 cm with height-adjustable dividing shelves. Soft close door hinges.

The delivery time is 2-4 weeksWe’ll notify You by email when we have shipped your ordered furniture out from the factory. The shipping company also calls You before to agree on the delivery time.

Handmade in Estonia from natural materials.

Download the assembly instruction

  • Material: Durable birch plywood
  • Dimension: 145 x 38 x 45 cm | 57,1 x 14,9 x 17,7 in
  • Designer: Vitold Heer

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