Mantler Mug

Add a touch of splendour to your morning with the Mantler Mug.

There are multiple elements that will set this mug apart from the rest in your kitchen, a stunning marble pattern that covers the entire body of the mug with an accent gold around the rim and handle. The subtle yet striking use of gold makes this mug as luxurious as it is timeless. Its classic aesthetic is sure to fit in with any modern kitchen.

Available in two different colours pink or gray.

Thanks to the all-ceramic design, the mug keeps your coffee or tea at just the right temperature.

  1. Don't use a microwave oven, otherwise, the gold will be fade.
  2. The mug is handicrafts, each mug pattern is not the same.
  3. The mug is hand-painted.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimension: 7,7cm x 8,8cm | 3" x 3,5"
  • Color: Pink or Gray

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