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Lumière Round Mirror

The mysticism of late XIX century boulevards is brought home by the masterpiece of Lumière's big wall mirror lamp. A confluence of Victorian street lights and architectural tectonic form, the Lumière exemplifies the contemporary dualities of art and functionality. The large round wall lamp sculpture is made of wood folded by polished stainless steel which portrays a perfect mirror.
Through the manual fitting of hammered polished brass, sheet bursts an antique fixture with an intricate edge detailing arm topped by an elegant pane lantern hand-sculpted by a casting mold. Born from the rich tradition of iron forging and skilled goldsmiths, this majestic wall mirror lamp is a soulful piece with classic distinction from outstanding private residences to the greatest contract settings. A ground-breaking collectible design for present-day luxe and timeless statement.

Wooden structure, with the mirrored surface with two polished stainless steel plates, in circular format ripped by a hammered polished brass sheet. Lamp made of cast brass. Electrification is incorporated in a box fixed on the back of the wooden structure.

Metal Work, Metal Casting, Wood Work.

The process of Metalwork starts by melting metal into a liquid, pouring it into a mold with a cavity of the desired shape and size, and removing the material, or casting after the final work gets cool and then solidified. Then it can be ejected or even broken out of the mold.

Glass, Gold Plated Brass, Casted Brass, Wood, Stainless Steel.

Ø 200 CM | D 103 CM | H 220 CM
Ø 78.7 IN | D 40.5 IN | H 86.6 IN

Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.

We are ready to craft the most demanding wishes into your own masterpiece, supported by Haute craftsmanship and passion for innovation.

Dry cloth.

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