Indian Summer Pendant Lamp

Be captivated by Indian Summer's play of light and shadow and delicate foliage. Like a gleaming vegetal mist suspended between poetic charm and modernity, this creation by the Italian designer Marzia Mosconi will impart your interior with a sophisticated and dreamy atmosphere.

Designed by Marzia Mosconi: Marzia Mosconi attended the "Orsoline" Art School in Milan, graduated in scenography from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
Various exhibitions, awards, and various publications in newspapers. She collaborates with prestigious companies in the sector including axis71. She exhibits
at the XXI International DESIGN Exhibition at the Milan Triennale, a permanent display of the best designers of the 20th century.

  • Dimension(WxH):
    Small- 55 x 33,3 cm | 21,7 x 13,1 in
    Big- 100 x 60 cm | 39,4 x 23,6 in
  • Lighting type: E27 LED
  • Color: Gold

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