Forma Coffee Table

The work of collaborating artist Mr. Penfold has been represented in this special collection by Studio Sabourin Costes.

Starting with the detailed studio sketch and progressing to the specialized production factory where artisans select only the finest wood and natural stone, the Mr. Penfold-inspired Forma Coffee Table Collection by Studio Sabourin Costes, resolutely captivates with an interplay of textures and colors - highlighted in this collaborative must-have piece.

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Tabletop | Tinted glass in beige

Legs | Blue lacquered wood, Black burnt wood, Natural stone, and Orange lacquered metal


Width      72.4 cm |  28.5 in
Length  144.9 cm  |  57.0 in
Height    23.2 cm  |    9.1 in


Studio Sabourin Costes ​

Sabourin Costes is a Paris-based design studio, founded by Paola Sabourin and Zoé Costes. In their common practice, they focus on creating iconic, yet sensitive designs that easily find their place in our daily living environments. They aim to design objects and spaces that overwhelm and stand out, while never losing sight of the functional and practical aspects of their work.


Mr. Penfold

Tim Gresham, otherwise known as the artist "Mr. Penfold", works across a variety of mediums from his Bristol-based studio, the city where he currently resides.

The artist’s chosen fields range from explorative, abstract paintings and screen printing to bold, large-scale murals and immersive installations. His work has been exhibited in galleries and institutions globally and he has collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Mr. Penfold cites skateboard graphics and Memphis-style furniture, alongside the study of form and color from artists Tom Wesselmann and pioneer Eduardo Paolozzi from the Pop Art movement, and more recent contemporary artists such as MOMO and KAWS, as some of his influences.

Sold with an Art certificate of authenticity.


Where art heightens design, and where dreams inspire reality.

The creative re-imagining of Mr. Penfold’s artworks immerses you in a new diversity and creates the ultimate object of desire.


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