Foldy Swivel Table Sideboard

FOLDY is a sideboard-work desk hybrid that keeps the most important thing in focus – your needs. The tabletop can be rotated to whichever position is most suitable in the room you are working in. When you don’t need you can fold the tabletop atop the sideboard so it doesn’t take up any space.

The sideboard itself has two sliding doors and enough space to keep all your office supplies and folders in it. FOLDY is a novel and smart solution in an era of working from home.

Made of birch plywood, also oak veneered, oil waxed. Sliding doors on Häfele rollers. Häfele wheels are hidden on a swivel table. The width of the internal intermediate shelves is 57 cm. The size of the swivel table top is 42×90 cm.

The delivery time is 2-4 weeksWe’ll notify You by email when we have shipped your ordered furniture out from the factory. The shipping company also calls You before to agree on the delivery time.

Handmade in Estonia from natural materials.

  • Material: Birch plywood, Oak veneered, Oil Waxed
  • Dimension: 124 x 42 x 75 cm | 48,8 x 16,5 x 29,5 in
  • Designer: Vitold Heer

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