Famous People Vase

Introducing "Famous People" Collection. Meet the iconic Frida Kahlo, Monna Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Leon, Mathilda and Yayoi Kusama. "Famous People" Collection features a good mix of historically famous people with a touch of the modern world.

Create your own charming and unique planters by giving them the perfect haircut. Their best hairstyle includes nursery plants and succulents. Be creative and have fun by giving them a good trim.

Collect these beautiful planters and spice up your urban jungle game now! Cause pretty plants deserve pretty planters.

Not suitable for hydroponic plants.

  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions:
    Yayoi Kusama- 15cm x 12,5cm x 17cm | 5,9" x 4,92" x 6,7"
    Frida- 13,5cm x 10,5cm x 13,5 | 5,31" x 4,13" x 5,31"
    Girl with a Pearl Earring- 13,5cm x 8,5cm x 13,5cm | 5,31" x 3,35" x 5,31"
    Leon- 15cm x 13cm x 15,3cm | 5,9" x 5,12" x 6"
    Monna Lisa- 13,5cm x 12,5cm x 12,7cm | 5,31" x 4,92" x 5"
    Mathilda- 15cm x 13cm x 15,3cm | 5,9" x 5,12" x 6"
  • Drainage Hole: None
  • Package: 1 Famous People Vase (without plant)

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