Dew Mirror

If we want to be amazed we don’t need things that are supernatural – nature is super enough as it is. Just take a glance at the morning or evening dew beautifully shaping on the various faces of plants.

Inspired by such dewdrops, designer Rasa Balaišė created a mirror named Dew, which is a chic tribute to the phenomenon’s reflective yet aesthetic qualities. Available in three sizes, Dew can be bronze, dark grey, or classical, without color.

It also has its own four little “droplets” acting as functional details: you can place these bubble-shaped glass accessories on the lower surface – they are able to hold light jewelry, at the same time matching the chosen color scheme.

Just like real dewdrops, the mirror contains both otherworldly charm and crystal clear function. And just like dew, it freshens things up as well as carries a touch of mystery.

So even though it hosts a powerful story of its own, Dew is perfect to fill with your own stylish rituals.

This product is made on order and manufacturing takes up to 5 workdays.

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  • Material:  Ceramic, Glazed, Glass
  • Dimension:
    Dew42- Ø42 cm |  Ø16,5 in 
    Dew55- Ø55 cm |  Ø21,7 in
    Dew70- Ø70 cm |  Ø27,5 in
  • Weight:
    Dew42- 3,9 kg | 7,7 lbs
    Dew55- 6,6 kg | 15,6 lbs
    Dew70- 10,3 kg | 22,7 lbs
  • Designer: Rasa Balaišė
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