Cloud Coffee Table

Cloud is a combination of modern design and contemporary art; the dots and cloud-inspired work of the artist Dimitri Likissas were translated into an ultra-modern coffee table to elevate the mood with color and bold shapes. 

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Structure    |  Steel
Finishes      |  Powder coating


Width   111 cm  |   43.7 in
Depth    75 cm   |   29.6 in
Height   48 cm   |   18.9 in


Design Libero

Design Libero is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Milan.

They are projecting solutions that wish to contribute to human well-being.

For them, design is totally supple and forever changing.

They are cultural nomads, Canadian, Russian and Italian, they love the world's diversity of cultures, which they analyze with respect and curiosity, in order to sort astonishing details and mix them into a new emulsion of emotions.


Dimitri Likissas

Dimitri Likissas is a visual artist known for his neo-pointillism style of paintings, which have optical effects, depending on the viewing distance.

He is an accomplished painter and sculptor from Sint Maarten, who has exhibited his work across the US. The central element of his work is a pattern of separated, colored, and round dots. His principal technique is oil alkyd paint on canvas, and his signature style; is layered and minimalist.

Sold with an Art certificate of authenticity.


The established artist Dimitri Likissas – who collaborated with Design Libero on the Pop Collection – continues his creative exchange for Behspoke. Highlighting the extraordinary versatility of an artwork, the Cloud Coffee Table, inspired by the art of Dimitri Likissas, showcases the range of possibilities inherent in the collectible design.


We are dreamers. We have to dream and reach for the stars, and if we miss a star then we grab a handful of clouds.

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