Cangi Glass

These iridescent glasses will add modernity at your service of glasses. They shine in a different hue in every light. Their texture and transparency can make any room look future forward. They are great for serving cocktails. Their wholesome design has thin hand smoothed gold-rimmed edges. They are glass with a dishwasher-safe finishing and are construction guarantees resistance to chipping, staining, fading, and odour.

  • Material: Highball Glass
  • Dimensions:
    A- 9cm x 9,5cm | 3,54" x 3,74"
    B- 9,3cm x 10,3cm | 3,66" x 4"
    C- 7,7cm x 14,4cm | 3" x 5,67"
    D- 8,2cm x 16,6cm | 3,23" x 6,5"
    E- 6,4cm x 13,6cm | 2,51" x 5,35"
  • Capacity:
    A- 300ml | 10,1oz
    B- 350ml | 11,8oz
    C- 360ml | 12,2oz
    D- 450ml | 15,2oz
    E- 300ml | 10,1oz

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