Brooklyn Coffee Table

Brooklyn takes its inspiration from the iconic Brooklyn bridge - a hybrid suspension bridge in New York City, which is one of the first and largest bridges built of steel. Brooklyn coffee table consists of two support bases: an upper glass base and a lower base in custom leather showcasing.

Yuan-Wen Wang's art, adds a resolutely artistic touch to the design. The four wooden legs feature refined metal details, which give a sophisticated look to the object. 

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Tabletop | Tempered glass and metal support base

Legs | Wood in mate finish

Fabric  | Custom printed leather

Details | Brass


Width      74  cm |  29.1   in
Length    50  cm |  19.7   in
Height    45  cm |  17.7   in


Matteo Stucchi ​

Born in 1992, Matteo Stucchi is an established product designer who lives in Milan. 

His design is his vision of life. For him, a designer is not just a producer of objects which are pleasing to the eyes, but someone who has his own point of view of the world.


Yuan-Wen Wang

Born in Taiwan in 1985, Yuan-Wen Wang moved to Barcelona where she graduated. She currently works on abstract paintings, using varied expressions to communicate with the audience. The common elements in her paintings are her Asian background and the experience of living in the Western culture.

For Yuan-Wen Wang, painting is more like a record of inner life experience. In her work one image always implies another image, that complements each other. Strength and softness, emptiness and fullness, dynamic and static are combined to achieve the language of the artist. In each painting, a deep personal innerness is translated.

Sold with an Art certificate of authenticity.


Art meets design. 

The Brooklyn coffee table, imagined by the Italian designer Matteo Stucchi, is embellished with the art of the Japanese-born artist Yuan-Wen Wang, which was innovatively translated into prints. A reinterpretation of some iconic Yuan-Wen’s artworks by the Milan-based designer Matteo Stucchi.


Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art.

The creative person needs freedom and space, vast space; he needs the whole sky and all the stars. Only then can his innermost spontaneity start growing.

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