Bitsafe Cabinet

BITSAFE is made of polished cast bronze sculptural structure imitating the silhouette of cocktail stirrer spoons for the down part; synonym of greediness, along with the esthetical colossal bronze hinges supporting a gigantic house-shaped crystal-clear tempered glass body with glass shelves inside and a matt rose onyx floating cutlery drawer. In the central upper part is located the “The bitcoin is here to stay” sculpture by Jason Maynard turned into a cylindrical coin bank with a hidden slit from the back.

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Structure    |  Polished Bronze and Tempered glass 
Finishes      |  Bronze, Rose Onyx, and Velvet 


Width      98.2 cm  |   38.6 in
Depth    38.1 cm  |   15.0 in
Height     179.2 cm  |   70.5 in


Richard Yasmine

Richard Yasmine a Lebanese interior architect and product designer, is filled with imagination using his imaginary world as a simulation to try out new ideas and create new objects inspired by life, objects and emotions, the human body: physiology and needs, but also focuses on internal chaos combined with a specific innate sensitivity; sometimes extreme and provocative or even not expected by others but still minimal, bold, and straightforward without disguising or hiding true reality.


Jason Maynard

Jason is a visual storyteller, using a complex digital process to freeze and explore specific moments in time and space.

His pieces often translate the high-speed motion of the natural world into detailed, physics-based sculptures. By focusing on the intricate details that usually go unnoticed by the naked eye, Jason offers a unique and different perspective into our everyday world.
Jason won the Gil Borgos Award For Originality at the Beverly Hills Art Show in October of 2020.

Sold with an Art certificate of authenticity.


Introducing BITSAFE, a Luxury Bar Cabinet designed by the talented Lebanese-based product designer Richard Yasmine, in collaboration with the artist Jason Maynard whose sculptures influence this magical and exclusive object. BITSAFE reflects ironically the worship of Materialism, where the power of money controls and manipulates our society. It highlights how nowadays either cash or cryptocurrency is converted into the main subject of devotion, yet how global communities cherish materialism, shifting it into a neo-religion that many crave to opt for.


Money converted into the main subject of devotion, yet how global communities cherish materialism, shifting it into a neo-religion.

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