Fuchsia Molly

Bamboo Docking Station with 4 USB Ports

Charge all your devices with this fantastic Docking Station, you won't have any problems with wires scattered everywhere and power sockets to be freed. With this system, you will have everything you need in a single place.

This Docking Station is made of bamboo wood.

  • This charging dock is very nicely made and it's to a solution to allow to charge multiple devices without multiple cords.
  • 4 USB port up to 500mA, automatic current sharing by devices request.
  • Luxury charging dock for home or office, handcrafted by a Whole piece of natural wood, no splice no glue, extremely durable, sure to enshrine your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPod! A great place to keep your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad clean and safe at night while charging.
  • No more chaos of charger cable! Special cutout for the Apple Watch charger and carved hidden wire routing to keep cord organized.
  • Overcurrent protection, support both full-speed 12Mb/sec and low-speed 1.5Mb/sec transfer rates. Chains up to 127 USB devices.
  • Truly plug & play automatic system configuration The Watch Stand for the Apple Watch is made of natural wood for a solid build that supports the watch at a stable and comfortable viewing angle.

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