Plato Design: The Essential Design

Plato Design: The Essential Design

Plato Design is an Italian company that manufactures lamps and household objects, in most cases in concrete. They are entirely designed and handmade in Italy by experienced craftsmanship.

The brand was founded in Rome in 2015, by Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri,  two young Roman architects, with the aim of creating a line of products with a "European" language, influenced as much by Italian as by Northern European design. All of their pieces combines uniqueness and innovation. 

Distinguished for a uniquely European aesthetic inspired by linearity, simplicity and functionality, Plato’s philosophy is rooted in creating objects that merge-clear design, technological innovation, and sustainability.

Plato Design Production MesmerizeD

 Handmade in Italy

The creative activity and the design spirit have not yet gone to sleep indeed, it is in the middle of a Polish nocturne that their first design work is born: it is a lamp, the elements that compose it have the shape of the dodecahedron, one of the Platonic solids, and so the prototype inspires the naming, the project becomes a brand and the exclusive profile of Plato Design begins to be defined.

The lamp, even before becoming an icon of the brand, is proposed under the name D-Twelve through a compelling crowdfunding campaign: the creation is unprecedented and innovative, it is a modular magnetic lamp in which manufacturing and technological values are harmonized, it leaves room for creativity and allows for original and customizable lighting systems.

Among the unique pieces of Plato, there are three of them that are exceptional:


Firstly, the Esse Lamp which is a table lamp that has guaranteed light modes, direct and shielded, thanks to its half-cylinder shape. 

Plato Design with the Esse Lamp


Lastly, there is the Ila Lamp that revisits the most evocative of industrial lamps, transforming it into a refined hanging light, where its minimalist aesthetics meet the handcrafted character of colored concrete.

Its extremely simple shape, its width reduced to a minimum, and its opaque surface make it suitable for illuminating spaces where essentiality dominates. The material character of the concrete it is made of and its color makes it appropriate also for contemporary environments with a strong personality.

Ila can be used individually for spotlighting or in groups to illuminate large spaces.

Ila Pendant Lamp MesmerizeD
Plato Design with the Ila Lamp


Then, we have the Ada Lamp, that can be used in groups or individuals to create light installations on walls or ceilings.

Ada Lamp Design MesmerizeDPlato Design with the Ada Lamp

The essential design, te textured feeling, the use of color and the many possibilities for customisation are the elements that make Plato Design products highly recognisable.  

Meet the designers

Plato Designers MesmerizeD

Caterina and Alessandro succeeds to decorate with neutral tones or bright colors, lamps and more, fits into spaces and environments as a material that is no longer raw but elegant, taking on the form and functionality of lamps, furniture and accessories inspired by a decidedly signature design.

Browse more lamps on MesmerizeD

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