LAWA Design: Rules of architecture with a desire to experiment

LAWA Design: Rules of architecture with a desire to experiment

LAWA DESIGN by architects Ewa Bryzek and Allen Shakir is a Danish design studio based in Copenhagen informed by the rules of architecture with a desire to experiment and explore.

Their mission is to make practical pieces with a smart, yet simple geometric design.

With wood as their signature material, they aim to create timeless and long-lasting products with a sustainable approach. 

"We are pleased to begin this partnership with Lawa Design. Each of their pieces are special, our favorite: the Twist Shelf." - Team MesmerizeD

LAWA DESIGN products

Delta Clock

Inspired by the sundial, Delta Clock tells time with the help of light and shadow. The folds in the surface indicate the passing hours of the day and create different shadowplays when exposed to light.

The clock comes in 3 colours: Natural oak, matte black and matte white.

Delta Clock is silent and easily mounts to the wall. Can be combined with Delta Stand.

Arc Pendant Lamp

Soft lighting with an architectural spin.

Unlike the traditional dome lamp, Arc Pendant directs the light both up and down, supplying a golden glow throughout the space and ceiling.
Simultaneously, it shields the light at eye level to prevent glare.

Arc Pendant is put together by 28 unique pieces - all without the use of screws or glue - taking its inspiration from self-supporting architectural structures.

Available in 3 colours: White, Plywood and Black plywood.

Comes fully assembled.


Twist Shelf

2-in-1 shelf and magnetic board in solid oak. Two functions united by a simple twist.

Ideal for kitchens with the magnetic board serving as a knife strip and the shelf as storage for spices. Also applicable in other settings, like in entrance halls, as a magnetic key holder and storage space for accessories.


To see the full collection CLICK HERE

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