VUKU Buffet

Product Description

VUKU is perfect for watering and feeding pets.
Oak base gives extra elegance and makes Vuku buffet a very prestigious item that fits demanding interiors. 

Handmade with passion in Poland

Product Information
  • Colors: White, Cocoa, and Black
  • Sizes: 
    S: Ø 15cm | 5.9"
    M/L: Ø 22cm | 8.7"
  • Material: Ceramic & Wood
Care Instruction


The base of VUKU dog buffet is made from natural oak. Natural wood is susceptible to warping and discoloration in contact with water. 

In order to prevent damage, please avoid excessive contact with water, sun rays, and high temperatures. 

Spilled water should be immediately wiped with a cloth. VUKU buffet is not recommended for splashing around drinkers.

- Base made of the best quality oak wood. 
- Covered with 3 layers of impregnation protecting against water and moisture.
- Do not clean in the dishwasher.
- Wipe with a wet cloth to keep the wooden base clean

Do not keep wood on wet surfaces


Made of ceramic

After serving wet or greasy foods, the bowl should be thoroughly washed and dried with a cloth. 

For any problem, our support is available 24/7/365.

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