FÖRA Blanket

Product Description

FÖRA collection comprises extremely elegant and fashionable double-sided blankets made of a blend that perfectly imitates natural fur. Those rectangular, hand-finished blankets are soft, fluffy, and very warm, and as such, they will provide thermal comfort to any dog.

Additionally, the pattern imitating fox fur significantly warms the atmosphere of any interior and makes the room look stylish. Furthermore, Fora blankets beautifully match LABBVENN beds & cushions.

Handmade with passion in Poland.

Care Instruction

Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach/ Iron, Steam or dry with low heat max temp 110 °C/ Delicate cycle- water temperature max 30 °C/ Drip dry

After washing, let the blanket dry completely in the open air.
Intense use may cause roughness and bobbling (pilling) of the surface. This process cannot be prevented, therefore, it is not subject to warranty coverage.

Leather belt
Due to the properties of the natural leather after washing, the leather belt may lose its elasticity, and it may become stiffer and darker. The logo embossed on the belt may become less visible

  • Materials:
    Fabric- 80% Acryl, 20% Polyester
    Belt- 100% full-grain leather
  • Dimensions:
    M- 70cm x 50cm | 27.6" x 19.7"
    L- 100cm x 70cm | 39.4" x 27.6"





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