Oru Wall Lamp

Oru is a marble wall lamp with pure lines and strongly evocative colors. It comes from the Japanese art of folding paper, Origami: Oru is in fact the action of folding, from the noun comes the object with its essential, almost absolute design.

When turned off, Oru is a very thin wall element, a light sheet of paper folded by skilled hands; when turned on, the reflections in transparency create a warm, refined and convivial atmosphere. The design challenge was to make a heavy material like marble visually light in a poetic way, playing with an almost invisible thickness, as thin as Japanese paper.

  • Material: Powder-coated Steel, Marble
  • Dimensions: 
    Ø 45 cm | 17,7 in
    Ø 65 cm | 25,6 in
  • Color: White Carrara
  • Finish: Striped
  • Weight: 
    Ø 45- 6,9 kg | 15,2 lb
    Ø 65- 13,1 kg | 28,9 lb

  • Designer: Stella Orlandino

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