Felt Sheep Coaster Set (14 Pieces)

Want your guests to actually use your coasters?

The Felt Sheep Coaster is both a fashionable home accessory, as well as a set of useful coasters. Each set comes with 14 perfectly-sized naturally made felt coasters. Protect your counters from heat rings and watermarks with the Felt Sheep Coaster Set!

Sheep Coasters are made from 100% natural ma­te­rials. They're simple, witty and in­tel­li­gent, and are not only very useful but also the perfect gifts. 

  • Coasters Dimensions:  12,7cm x 8,9cm + 12,7cm x 7,6cm + 5cm x 6,8cm + 5cm x 6,1cm  | 5inch x 3,5inch + 5inch x 3inch + 2inch x 2,7inch + 2inch x 2,4inch 
  • Heat Resistence: 200°C | 400°F
  • Material: Felt
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Cleaning Method: Hand Wash

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