Coarse Pottery Mug with Wooden Handgrip

Fill your cabinets with mugs that are every bit as rustic and beautiful as the rest of your farmhouse-inspired decor with the handsome Coarse Pottery Mug with Wooden Handgrip.

  • Dimensions:
    A- 9,3cm (Base) x 13,2cm (Top) x 8cm (Height) | 3,66inch (Base) x 5,20inch (Top)  x 3,15inch (Height)

    B- 7,7cm (Base) x 11,5cm (Top) x 10cm (Height) | 3,03inch (Base) x 4,52inch (Top)  x 3,94inch (Height)

    C- 8,2cm (Base) x 12,3cm (Top) x 10cm (Height) | 3,23inch (Base) x 4,84inch (Top)  x 3,94inch (Height)

    D- 8,2cm (Base) x 12cm (Top) x 10,3cm (Height) | 3,23inch (Base) x 4,72inch (Top)  x 4,05inch (Height)

  • Holds a capacity of 300ml/10,14oz (B, C and D) and 260ml/8,80oz (A)
  • Made of ceramic
  • Ceramic type is porcelain
  • Accessories: A spoon is also present with the mug
  • Spoon dimensions: 2 x 16,4 cm | 0,8 x 6,5 in

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