Mountain Napkin Holder

This Mountain Napkin Holder has a wonderful design and at the same time, it is a useful item to complete your dinner layout. 

It is designed with an opening that allows you to replenish the towel papers in less than two seconds! Its opening has the shape of a mountain and once you put the paper towel in it, it is going to look like a snowy mountain.

You could even make it look funny by using colorful paper towels for a colorful snow aspect.

  • Material: Iron
  • Size: L, XL
  • Dimension: 
    L- 17 x 4,5 x 6,4 cm | 6,7 x 1,8 x 2,5 in
    XL- 22,4 x 5 x 8,5 cm | 8,8 x 2 x 3,3 in
  • Color: Black, White, Pink

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