Cara Vase

Cara Vases are vases that are at once innovative and beautifully simple.

These vases consist of an amazing metal base and slender steel outline. Able to accommodate anything from a single flower to a full bouquet, the base also holds a variety of sizes of glasses and cups, allowing you to change the way Cara looks any time you like.

Note that the internal cup is not included.

  • Material: Iron
  • Dimensions:
    A- 25cm x 20cm | 10" x 7,9"
    B- 11cm x 15cm | 4,3" x 5,9"
    C- 16cm x 17cm | 6,3" x 6,7"
    D- 23cm x 24cm | 9" x 9,4"
    E- 10cm x 24cm | 3,9" x 9,4"
    F- 12cm x 23cm  | 4,7" x 9"
    G- 13cm x 21cm | 5,1" x 8,3"
  • Package: 1 x Cara Vase

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