Mason Editions

Tresse Mirror

Diagonal bands of reflecting surface, which overlap in an elegant optical effect with as many bands of colored mirror: this geometric mirror recalls the most classic of bon ton hairstyles.

Hexagonal wall mirror with a braided pattern combining neutral and coloured glass, which creates a play of light reflections. Available in three colored variants: smoke grey, sage green and pink.

Design: Martina Bartoli

Made in Italy

  • Weight: 10 kg | 22.05 lb

    Dimensions: 67.3 × 1 × 77.2  cm | 26.5 × 0.4 × 30.4 in

    Materials: glass mirror neutral and iron

    Finishings: glass mirror neutral + pink, glass mirror neutral + sage green, glass mirror neutral + smoke grey

    Gross weight: 19 kg | 41.9 lb

     Box dimensions: 90 x 11 x 80 cm | 35.5 x 4.4 x 31.5 in

    Design: Martina Bartoli

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