Andreas Berlin

SHADOW Table Lamp

Reduced forms create fascinating light sculptures, a play with reflection, light, and shadow. 

Formally very clearly sculptural in its effect. The luminaire series "Shadow" plays with the effects of light, shadow, and reflection. It almost succeeded in squaring the circle again...

Just think of the tea trolley by Alvar Aalto or the marshmallow sofa by George Nelson. The circular surface as a design element exerts a great fascination. The four circular surfaces form a "square" which is both lampshade and base at the same time. When the lamp is on, the circular areas conjure up a beautiful shadow ornament on the floor or stand.

In one of the colored versions (fluorescent) another aspect comes into play:
The light conductivity of Plexiglas, causes the edges of the Plexiglas to glow in the backlight. In other words: Depending on the daylight situation, the lamp also glows when switched off.

This piece can be shipped only to European countries.

  • Material: Plexiglas and Aluminium
  • Dimension(LxDxH): 29 x 29 x 36 cm | 11,4 x 11,4 x 14,2 in
  • Weight: 3,5 kgs | 7,7 in
  • Bulb type: E27
  • Bulb (included) : LED filament - ⌀12,5 cm | 

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