RAFT Storage Wall Clock

The RAFT will hardly ever be heard making a noise due to the quiet clock mechanisms we use. This feature will fit quite well in your home or office, giving it a chilling atmosphere and comfort.

In addition, now be careful here... you can use it as a small shelf to store your precious little belongings.

Handmade from first quality European linden wood.

  • Measures 28 x 28 x 4 cm | 11,2 x 11,2 x 1,6 in
  • 8 storage boxes
  • Each storage box measures in the inside 8 x 8 x 4 cm | 3,2 x 3,2 x 1,6 in
  • Can hold weight up to 0,5 kg | 1,1 lb
  • Requires 1.5V AA battery (not included)


* Please note that every product may slightly differ from the photos due to various wood grains, but it will be produced in the most similar way possible.

For any problem, our support is available 24/7/365.

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