MASHINA-X Smart Floor Lamp

This is the first and only lamp of its kind! A king of lamps and a piece of art, a sculpture, a monument, and a great stand that shows the power of creation!

After 8 years of building lamps and learning and testing, Paladim is proud to have this project finished. A lamp like no other, really! You can play with it, move it around using your phone, change lighting modes and enjoy its pure forms of it.

Not just a lamp, but a creature of light. It has a built-in microcontroller that Paladim developed, and is made entirely of wood - what is the best way to combine traditional materials with modern and even futurist concepts such as this!

Handmade in Bulgary

What the MASHINA lamp offers:

  • Full control of the arm positioning - it features three actuators that allow you to move it as if it was an excavator
  • Warm/cold white and brightness adjustment of the headlights
  • Base lights that feature several options - animated effects, music visualizer that uses a built-in microphone, and custom light color and brightness adjustment
  • Temperature and humidity sensor that allows you to keep an eye on the climate in your space
  • Wifi control with an app that allows you to control your lamp from any point of the world where you have an internet connection
  • Futuristic design and great craftsmanship


  • Total height: 200 cm | 80 in 
  • Base size: 40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 in 



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