Game Fossil Sculpture

As a kid, Stelios Mousarris loved the Nintendo consoles and their games but his favorite one of all was the Gameboy.

He has literally spent his entire childhood playing on this amazing portable device and its cool beautiful well-designed games.
He would like to publish his next work as a homage to Nintendo's Legacy of the iconic Gameboy Cartridge, specifically Tetris as this was the first game released with the Gameboy.

The sculpture is made from high-quality casting material with the process of heat crystallization which then binds the materials together forming the stone-like surface.

The cartridge is weathered in places to symbolize the use and how a timeless piece withstands the pass of time, like a precious treasure.

This sculptural piece is limited to 200 pieces all signed by the designer and comes in a beautiful unique wooden box and a pair of handling gloves.

This is the first Mousarris sculpture. All rights reserved to Nintendo.

  • Materials: Plaster, Cement
  • Dimensions: 42 x 60 x 5 cm | 16,5 x 23,6 x 1,9 in

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